Aerospace Solutions

Ground Testing Equipment / Trolley for Helicopter (Rotary Wing Group) and Aircraft (Fixed wing group)

We are closely associated with indigenization and development of ground support equipments used for testing of the hydraulic and fuel systems of the Helicopter and Aircrafts on ground.

We have several new and upcoming projects in materials handling of aircraft components viz engines, wings etc. during ground repairs and maintenance.

  • It acts as a source of hydraulic power to operate the aircraft’s hydraulic systems and controls for functional and operational tests without the necessity of starting the aircraft engines.
  • The Aviation Hydraulic Trolly checks the performance and functional operation for all Hydraulics LRU’s before Flight.
  • Cleaning / Filtration of MIL Grade Aviation Oil used in Helicopter / Aircraft as specified under international standards viz ISO, NAS, GOST etc.
  • Pressurize filling of MIL Oil to the Helicopter / Aircraft.
  • During Emergency ( no power supply ), the operations are completed using the Hand Pump.
  • Blue Print in house Designing and Tailor Made Solutions as per customer demand.
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