Automation Solutions

Special Purpose Machines

Prefect provides complete solutions with special purpose machines used mainly for material handling, production and testing. We provide SS bellows and contact shoes which are used in electric arc furnaces.

We manufacture bellows from 5 /16” NB to 12” NB in in Stainless Steel Grades.

In case of localization for these items we can provide following solutions also.

  • Bellow forming machine from 6mm ID to 3000 mm ID upto 100 corrugations per bellow.
  • These machines are using hydro forming process and hence suitable for various, corrugation thickness and perfect omega profiles. We can offer the same in Oil forming or Pure water forming.
  • These machines can be supplied with complete transfer line viz, Tube forming, Bellow or Hose forming, Pitching, Braiding machines & Testing machines.
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